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Saturday, September 29, 2018

London – A Museum and Theater Day – Sept 28, 2018

Did even better in the time zone adjustment department today, asleep just before midnight last night and awake just before 7am this morning.


This morning we put our plan together for the next few days based on the shows we wanted to see and the museums we would like to visit. Then it was off to the TKTS booth to buy tickets for the next few days. To any that are familiar with Leicester square, this is what the front of the Odeon Cinema looks like. There is a major renovation going on and it is closed for now. We don’t go to the cinema when in London. but one night we did watch the interviews with the stars of Eddie the Eagle in front of it on the movie’s grand opening night. Good memories.


Never a problem finding a restaurant in London.And if you can’t find one, which won’t happen, just come to the Leicester square area. The side streets are often nothing but restaurants. And no we didn’t eat in one of these. Today Linda has said we are eating in her favorite place, which is just up the street from where we stay, The White Hart Pub. Good food, good drinks, Happy wife, Happy Life.


On Aldersgate street over near St. Paul’s Cathedral we passed by this sign, a little something for any Methodists among the readers of these writings. Speaking of Methodists, it reminds me that on one of previous trips to London we visited an important Methodist church where there was a plaque stating that some of the only remaining original crappers were still in the building. I’ll let you decide what that says about Methodists.Flushed with emotion Bob.


A Wall of plaques commemorating  those who gave their lives saving others. Here are four of them. It was a very sobering place.tucked back in off the street.


After watching the Time Team episode on London we just had pay a return visit to this museum.


While we were there, at 115 there was a going to be a live demonstration of Roman London artifacts. Ms. Wanted to Be an Archeologist was waiting while the docent set up the exhibit. He asked me not to show his face, so that is why it is blanked out. I suggested Linda was sitting there to rest her feet. I was informed in no uncertain terms that she was there to be first in line. Confused Bob.


Linda learning about Roman London, which the Romans called Londinium.She was really into it. I sure won’t ever accuse her of not paying attention to Time team in the future.


The highlight of the trip so far for Linda, handling a piece of actual Roman glass.I have to admit is my highlight also, the smile on Linda’s face as she held it was absolutely priceless. It was the top of a small vial to hold a cosmetic oil or cream. The glass itself was very thin and delicate, no wonder so many exist only as broken pieces.


What the vials looked like. They were 2 1/2 to 3 inches tall according to Linda.


She even took a photo of the description.


Long time readers know all about Linda's thing with taking feet photos. This is a tiny roman oil lamp in the form of a foot with a sandal on it.I just knew when I saw it in the museum that a photo of it would appear when I downloaded her camera images. From past experience I know to post it. Nice photo Linda.


Another of those, I know I will hear about it if I don’t post it photos. Roman mixing bowl set.


A Doombar for me and a G&T for Linda. She was excited because the tonic was fever Tree, what she always buys back home.


Why we always eat here when in London. It’s not the traditional pub food. Vegetarian lasagna for Linda, a portabella burger for me. And the timing was perfect, after lunchtime and before the evening mob.


Tonight's play was a courtroom drama, and the place the drama was performed was an actual courtroom in the London County Hall.


Once again great seats and at a huge discount.


The view beside my seat. The witness box is right there. It doesn’t get better than that.


The low price seats are at nosebleed level, but our tickets cost less than theirs did if the paid full price. Being flexible in what we see and standing in line at the TKTS booth has its rewards.


By now you should know I always post a theater selfie. Oh, and the play, it was Agatha Christie’s Witness for the Prosecution. Even though Tyrone Power, Charles Laughton and Marlene Dietrich were not members of the cast, it was still great. Linda had never seen the movie, it’s what I get for marrying  such a young girl, and I was nice and never divulged the ending to her. Nice Bob.


It was a little interesting getting back to the hotel. The County  Hall is on the south bank near the London Eye and Waterloo station. It is always interesting coming out of a theater at night with people going in both directions and not always being perfectly sure which direction to take. It was easy tonight as everyone seemed to heading to the station. However the underground at Tottenham Court Road was packed to the gills and beyond when we tried to get on the Central line, what with the Piccadilly line still down. You know what I mean if you’ve been here during a tube strike action. The thing to do is to keep your eye on the prize, which getting back to the hotel.


Of course not all is jam packed corridors, and that is when the ever alert eye of Linda makes contact with a wayward can. Then quick as wink the tab is snatched and she is off again. What a woman! Lucky Bob.

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