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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Traveling Back to the USA Monday 7 May 2018


View from the van at 3:30 AM, time to head into Managua for the flight home. It was a good trip, a very, very good trip.


The trip to the airport took just about an hour, not much traffic at that early hour. I took this photo of an overhead sign shortly before we arrived at the airport. I did not take a photo of the barricade across the road or the line of still smoldering  tires, the remains of last night’s protest.


The airport was not busy, our plane was about a third full, but what was really sad was what we left behind. A country who’s tourism industry has been devastated by the protests. Hotels, restaurants and popular tourist attractions, and especially the not so popular ones were missing what they needed most, visitors. I’ll always remember the look of pain and horror on Richard’s face as he showed us a photo of fires burning in the town where we had lunch yesterday. As always, it is the ordinary people who pay the price, not the politicians or the wealthy. So why do we look up to these scum? Is it the lie that we have the opportunity to be “successful” like them, or is it stupidity on our part? Bob - who is hurting for the wonderful common people of Nicaragua.


No matter what our feelings may be, the new day dawns and Life goes on.


As always, both glad and sad to going home.


A last glimpse of Central America. To travel is to experience, to experience is to realize, to realize is to comprehend. And at that moment the world changes.

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  1. I must admit that I truly adore reading every blog entry you post. :) Thank you; blessings...