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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Managua and Granada–Friday 4 May 2018

A little jammed up on time, so photos with not many words today. Is that cheering I hear? Bad Bob.

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Crosses commemorating the 60 some people who lost their lives during the demonstrations. Being here is different than see some news clips on CNN or other news outlets. They always show the worst. No where have we see any signs of violence or felt anything other than welcomed by the people we meet. As I said the other day, Nicaragua may not be fond of the our Government, but they are very welcoming and accepting of Americans. Just like we do in our country, they want their politicians out of office and someone who truly cares about them rather than money and getting re-elected elected. And now, on the condensed version our travels.

One of many signs like this in front of the national police academy.

The new Cathedral that replaced the historic one condemned after an earthquake. The style is called Brutalism and reflects what the country has endured in the past 50 years.

Chapel. The founder of Domino’s Pizza was a principal financial benefactor to the building of the Cathedral.

The Ortega's. Mr. and Mrs. President and Vice-president. She is the real power. She ordered the demonstrators fires upon by the police.


Snuck in a Chicken Bus photo. Virtually no modification here.

The original Cathedral not awaiting another earthquake to topple it.

Close-up of crack. It is not if, it is when, as far as another earthquake.

How can you not enjoy a museum that has pottery like this on display.

There are thousands of trees like this around Managua, thanks the generosity of Mrs. Ortega, the richest woman in the county, using taxpayer money rather than her own money to build them.

No nation is free from this.

Wonder if the right wingers in this place in Indiana know the name of there school district is still on display on this chicken bus that transports the socialist citizens of Managua around town?

While I was taking the Chicken bus photo from my side of our van, Linda was taking this photo from hers.

Chicken truck, a real chicken truck.

Oops! Since traffic laws are considered at best, a suggestion, can fault be determined?

We stopped at boutique rum shop. Not big on rum, Linda found a wine with her name on the label.

Tuk tuks. Universal, or seeming so.

For the color.

The cycle of life.

Spanish style funeral.

Chicken truck?

Nicaragua is a beautiful place if you open your eyes. Short and sweet. See you tomorrow.

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