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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday, A Partial Norwegian Rest Day Sun Feb 28, 2016




I won’t say which of eats healthier, though the homemade muffin and pile of chocolate spread can be found on Linda’s side of the table. Don’t let the bright red glasses of juice fool you, it is beet juice, something we both can at least agree on.




I did finally take a photo of the delicious dried fish I enjoy every morning. It is Lofoten Stockfish which is unsalted fish that is naturally air dried by the sun and wind on wooden racks.




The other fish is peppered mackerel, another lip smacking good breakfast goodie. As Linda says, “Eat all you can because when we get back home there is no way you’re going to have any.” Tough Love Linda.




American tourist in the Oslo Visitor Center. We were the only ones there this morning. I thinks that was because it seemed like everyone in Oslo was out on the streets enjoying the sun in the below freezing air. Moments later we once again joined them.




Why let cold temperatures keep you from enjoying your Sunday morning coffee. We saw this and decided to believe that old saying, When in Norway in the winter, join the Norwegians for their Sunday morning sidewalk coffee and pastry and you’ll freeze your butt off. So we didn’t. Wuss Bob. Warm Linda.




Vigeland Sculpture Park, our favorite outdoor place in Oslo.The amazing thing was that it was just as busy today was it was when we were here 18 months ago when we were wearing shorts. Obviously cold weather means nothing in Norway.




Linda has her favorite sculpture and I have my three favorite sculptures. We really enjoyed trying to decide what each one means and the emotions it evokes. You can not just look at them, you get involved with them, which is what art is really all about.




Another one we both love. Truth be told, we love every one of the 36 granite sculptures that surround the monolith. And you can add in the bronze sculptures. I’ll make it easy, we love all of the over 200 sculptures in the park. For us, this is one of the three must see attractions in Oslo, and we spent a goodly amount of time enjoying it.




Selfie by the fountain with the monolith in the distance. The last time we were here we were both in shorts. As Linda said, the bad thing about visiting in the winter is there are no flowers, which grow in profusion during the summer. The good thing is that the sculptures are still here. Which goes to prove that half a loaf is far better than no loaf.


To be a kid again!

Just goes to prove there is no fool like an old fool! Disclaimer: no bones were broken in the videoing of this event, though I wasn’t sure if Linda would have helped me if I had. Bad Boy Bob.




Next it was off to the Vigeland Museum where Linda happened on this grouping of some the greatest people in Norway. What can I say, when you’re great, you’re great. (At least in my own mind) Overly Optimistic Bob.




One of Vigeland’s wooden sculptures. Doesn’t look like much, does it.




Close up it is a different story. He may have been a seriously great sculptor, but he definitely had a humorous side. He had another one with a different body part that I just can’t show. But if you travel to Oslo and visit this museum, it is something that you very likely would smile at. Everyone I saw looking at it sure did.




Another exhibit. Two doors with a long corridor between. This is almost exactly what you saw, though the red may have been even more intense. Don’t ask me what it was, but it was almost mesmerizing. Baffled Bob.




The Sunday afternoon sports show on Norway TV. Cross country skiing is very big here. Everyday there are a number of people dressed for skiing and carrying their cross country skis on the trams and metro trains. And yes, we called it quits a little early today as we have been going very hard since we arrived and the next three days are also going to be big days.

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