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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Getting Ready to Leave on Another Trip July 31, 2019

It’s that time again! But getting smarter with the passing years, I am making this a test post to make sure I remember how to do everything in terms of writing and posting the blog BEFORE we leave rather than having to try and remember when we are there while being tired after the overnight flight and time change. Smart Bob.

Update to above - I couldn't get this Open Live Writer draft to upload to Blogger, then discovered that it no longer works if you have photos in the draft. Deleted the photos and the words went up. Now I will add the photos and a video in Blogger and see what happens. Frustrated Bob.

Ms. Gota Pakahed, had cracked the whip on Saturday, and the result was, to quote her, “I’ll pack your things, but anything left out it is your fault.” You’d think that by now with all the trips we have taken she would know what to pack for me. Women can be so difficult at times. Baffled Bob.

Testing the extra large size image, the suitcase one was Large in size. This is what we will miss the most, our backyard. The birds just love it, especially the four bird baths She Who Commands had me put in.

A video of the backyard. The birds are often even louder! Videos are what I always have trouble posting. I use Open Live Writer to write the post offline then send it up to Blogger as a draft. That is when I need to insert the video.

Part of our “winery”. There are also aging shelves in several of our kitchen cabinets for loose bottles. May our wines age gracefully as we travel. The middle shelf has two kits ready to go into primary fermenters the day after we return.
It will be a change in the UK, but those beers, ales and whiskys over there are going to get a lot of of sampling.

We leave to tomorrow morning, so the first post of the actual trip should be sometime on Friday.

A P.S. Please excuse the quality of the photos and video. New camera I have been using for some time now, but a tweak or two before posting is like a dash of spice in a dish. The problem is with all the trouble I had getting this to post, I forgot to to add that dash of tweak. Bad Bob.