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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Oslo to London to South Africa - Nov. 5-7, 2018

This post follows us as we leave Oslo, stay overnight in London, then fly overnight to Johannesburg, South Africa.


A look at the airport tower as we arrived at the Oslo airport. It looks like a good day to be leaving Oslo.




Toasting our arrival at Heathrow. If you are staying at a hotel close to Heathrow, check out the Hoppa Bus. It’s every 30 minutes and very inexpensive, 5 pounds one way, 9 pounds round trip.


When in England, the full English breakfast is the thing.


Down the down escalator to catch our flight to Johannesburg.


An Airbus 380 and the World Traveler Plus section on the upper deck. We each ended up with 4 bottles of wine by the end of the flight. Linda said she sleep the best she ever had on an overnight flight.


Linda was amazed at the amount of silverware. I had the same. I ended up with her chocolate mousse. Nice Linda, Happy Bob.


First glimpse of South Africa. Doesn’t it look awesome?


Our hotel room had an aircraft theme.


The whole hotel had an aircraft theme. Note the stack of airplane tires that serve as bar stools.  Tired and weary travelers that we were, we opted for some comfortable chairs.


And the local beer of tap. A little different tasting, but very good indeed. I always laugh at the people who say they prefer the taste of things back in the US. Maybe they should have stayed home.


100% all natural ketchup, the best tasting I have ever had. The stuff in the US is so loaded up with chemicals the probably have to use artificial flavors. The second best tasting ketchup I’ve ever had was the ketchup my mom made ever year when I was growing up. It was definitely 100% natural as we grew everything that went into it.


I have no idea what I was thinking when I took this photo. I can say the app on my computer screen is the one I use to write these posts. Other than that call me Baffled Bob.

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