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Friday, January 8, 2016

Leaving Fiji Today


I know we left Fiji almost a month ago (though our hearts will never leave Fiji), but we just wanted to post the final day of our trip.




Our bure where we Lived Life in the slow lane.




All packed and ready to go before breakfast. We weren’t actually leaving the island until around 5 tonight, but we needed to vacate our bure as the next guests were arriving at 10:30 and they needed to get it ready for them.




We are going to miss our fresh, as in really, really fresh, fruit bowl in the morning.




Lucky us, the morning trip was snorkeling.




If you have a later departure on the day you leave Navini, you move to what is called the day room, and is it ever nice. You’d think they do this on purpose to make sure you want to return to Navini sometime.




The morning outing where new friends are quickly made.




Sand Cay in sight.




Snorkel babe ready for some fun.




Snorkel babe having fun.




First fish.



Blue and yellow fish.




Why Linda overcame her fear of having her face in the water and learned to snorkel. She can see these fish from a few feet away in the water rather than as a photo.





Linda was joking about this hermit crab she found on the beach, at least she was until it grabed her finger with its claw. Laughing Bob, Screeching Linda.




Another part of the beach and this time she found a hermit crab with a number on its back. Just like the other one, this one also didn’t like being picked up and grabed her with its claw. Screeching Louder Linda.




Back on Navina. We really didn’t want our stay to end.




With Linda being distracted sharing photos at lunch, it meant I could eat all four rolls. Growing Bob.




Big trouble. They’ve refilled the roll basket and dessert has arrived. Looking at Linda’s smile all she cares about is her dessert so the rolls are all mine. Blimp Bob.




Everyone gets the opportunity to sign the register and leave a note when they leave. Linda looked at the register for some time. I asked her if she would like me to write the note. Her ”YES” was accompanied by a big smile. Good Bob.




More snorkeling after lunch. We will never think of a starfish the same way again.




The reef around Navini was badly damaged by a tropical cyclone a few years ago, but if you swim out to the edge there a many fish.




What can I say, It’s my last chance to post some of the hundreds and hundreds of underwater photos I took.




Some fish are so camouflaged they are hard to see.




We will return.




It was unreal just how far in enjoying the water, Linda had come in just two weeks.




Time to leave, our shoes were in the plastic bag since we had to wade into the water to board the boat.




A last view of our little slice of paradise.




Leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when we’ll be back again. But rest assured Navini, we will be back again.




Ten hours later, back in the USA.




Nearing Sacramento where we spent the holiday’s with family.




I’ve always loved the sculptures in the baggage claim area of this terminal at the Sacramento airport. And with that we end another extended trip across the ocean. So until our next trip, which is coming up in late February, when we head off to Norway and England, may your Life be filled with wonderful adventures.                  

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