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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Last Full Day in Fiji

This post is a little late as we been back in the States for nearly a month. I had it written but Windows LiveWriter and Google Blogger stopped talking to each other that day. LiveWriter has subsequently been open sourced, so with some file transfer magic I can post this. Retama is awesome but Fiji is awesomer.


Not every day can be blue skies and light waves and today proved the truthfulness of that. Could it be that rather than an abrupt transition from paradise to reality, we were going to easing back into what once was.


Tomato worm at work. And to make her completely ecstatic, just after I took this photo I gave her my three slices of tomato. Happy Linda.


If breakfast is over, it must be time to order lunch.


There is not one thing there that isn’t absolutely mouthwatering good, making it, as always, hard to chose. Chicken burger and pineapple dessert for me, the Thai egg salad and chocolate chip ice cream for Linda.


A light rain was falling as I came back to the bure, Linda staying behind to get her morning facebook fix. Later, as she entered the bure she accused me of not washing my feet before going inside. I said I had. She pointed out the evidence I hadn’t.


Outside the entrance each bure is a water spigot and pan of water. You can see the sand in the container proving that I did indeed wash my feet off before entering. What can I say, nobody is perfect, and by now while Linda should know that I come as close to perfection as anyone has, I do very occasionally mess up. Slightly Imperfect Bob.


I see wind and rain bringing down flowers on the path. Linda sees sand tracked into the bure. The poet and the practical, what a pair we make.


A hollowed out log and two heavy sticks. The beat of the drum call us to meals


Last evening I was berated, to put is extremely mildly, for enjoying the aroma, taste, texture and flavor of four rolls. Today at noon Linda had a roll and I had none. There wasn’t even the faintest hint of praise for my starving myself. Hungry Bob.


Usually the seaweed that washes up is green, but it looked like the wind driven waves had been strong enough to pull masses of seaweed out by their purple roots. Beauty is where you find it.


And just to prove that Navini is not perfect, this section of the beach is rocky with masses of dead coral thrown up on it.

The daily 4:30 volleyball game. The sides vary depending on who wants to play and the score doesn’t matter. Any participation by Linda and I was as spectators.


Some days the beach is pristine and some days there is seaweed galore. Seaweed or not, we will be very sad to say goodbye to Navini tomorrow.


During your stay you can have dinner on the beach one evening. Tonight being our last night here, we were having ours. If the weather is calm you can literally eat right out on the beach. With the wind and light rain of tonight we were eating on the beach, but under a shelter.


Dressed to the nines, Navini style.


We even had candle light.


Navini, a very special place.

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