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Monday, October 1, 2012

Off to Madrid and Beyond

AVE is the name for the fast trains in Spain. We had taken one into Barcelona, but the REALLY fast AVE in Spain is the one from Barcelona to Madrid.

The entire trip wasn’t at 300 kph, but it was easy to tell when it got up to that speed. I don’t know for sure what that is in mph, but the way everything was flying past out the window, it was mighty fast.

We didn't stay in Madrid when we got off the train, rather we had our first trip on our tour bus, heading off to Segovia. It is always amazing when looking at what the Romans did, and in Segovia what they did was still standing in remarkable condition. I can remember reading about Roman aqueducts in those history classes many years ago. Now we were seeing one and it was far more impressive than I had imagined.

Next it was off to the castle, and on the way we came across this. Some people get all bent out of shape worrying whether they look like a tourist or not. We never did learn exactly why the Romans left Segovia, but I have to wonder if wasn’t because they saw something like this walking the streets of town.

This for our grandson Zachary who likes knights in shining armor. Looks like grandma likes knights in shining armor also. And here I always thought I was her knight in shining armor, even if I might be getting a worn around the edges. Looks like I’d better be on my best behavior or I could be replaced by someone who would never interrupt Linda when she is talking.

Dinner was group meal that features roast suckling pig. Skin, lots of fat which was more like liquid grease than solid fat, and accompanied by all the wine you wanted to drink. Needless to say, one of us enjoyed the meal a lot more than the the other. I think there is a meaning to the fact that there was a fire extinguisher behind Linda in this photo, but I had so much fun that night that I haven’t a clue as to what it might have been. I know she didn’t take the fist plane to Las Vegas for a quickie divorce so I couldn’t have been that bad. Don’t you just hate when you can't even remember just how much fun you had.

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