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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Another Day in Madrid


The day began with another guided walk through parts of Madrid. One of our stops was the old market where they sold meats, fish, fruits, vegetables and assorted other things. I haven’t a clue as to why Linda took this photo, but I’ve used so few of her photos that this one just begs inclusion. On a good day I take about 300 photos while she takes 30. I’ll let you decide if fewer photos means a higher quality of subject material.

I take back everything thing I said. See how she has captured the very essence of what makes man the superior of the human species. The fabulous form of this grouping, showing strength yet sensitivity, an inclusion of intensity that underscores their greatness. What a photo, one that proves Linda is a truly wonderful photographer. 

Now the other side of the story. This is inside a convent where the nuns make what are arguably the best sweet treats in all of Madrid. The reason for the looks is because our wives are in the other room where the treats are being passed out and we were afraid they would eat them all. Explaining Linda’s photo’s are just like explaining a great painting. Sometimes there is great story behind them, and other times you can’t make any sense of them.

Churros and chocolate. Chocolate so thick you can eat it with a spoon. I won’t say just how much Linda ate, that would not be nice, though I was allowed to eat this churro provided I shook off the chocolate after each dip. Sometimes Linda treats me so nice I can hardly believe it myself. I did think that her using her finger to wipe out the cup was a little over the top, but sometimes the Appalachian hill girl in her still comes out.

Deciding she was thirsty after having to eat all those churros and chocolate, Linda made our next stop a table beside a square where we people watched and Linda slacked her thirst with half this pitcher of sangria. I had thought that we would trade places when it came to the sangria, she taking a glass and posing for a photo, and me drinking the rest of the pitcher. Not going to happen, no way, no how. That woman sure does like sangria.


Lest you think all we do is sit around wonderful old squares and drink sangria, here are some of the performers we were watching while sat at the edge of this wonderful old square drinking our sangria.




And yes, we did figure out how the seemingly impossible is achieved. Think realistic fiberglass casts that body parts are placed in. Believe me, there is nothing like a pitcher of sangria to get the brain to working in ways you never imagined to solve the seemingly insolvable. You didn’t want to see a bunch of photos of the insides and outsides of old buildings and more statues than you knew existed, now did you? Because that was what the rest of the photos we took today were about, and this isn't a travel blog, it's a Bob blog.

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