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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Interesting day

First off, today was unusual in that neither of us took a single photo. Second, the couple that were supposed to be on duty today were sick, so Linda and I got a heavy dose training and experience, which goes a long way in explaining why we took no photos. It wasn't that bad, but we are going to be on duty from 8:30 tomorrow morning till 8:30 on Monday morning, making for two very long days in a row. As we are learning, it goes with the territory of volunteering at CARE in summer. It seems that everyone wants to volunteer in the spring, fall and winter when the weather is much nicer. At those times they usually have seven volunteer couples, meaning light work for every one. We have two couples and two singles, so we really get to be busy, but the people who utilize CARE are all so nice it really isn't work.

Just a little bit on volunteering here. You are furnished one of the seven free sites behind the CARE Center. They are 50 amp FHU back-in sites, and you pay for the electric you use and and any propane you need. We will have four days of training, though not in the follow me and do this sense. More in the here is what to do, if you have any questions, ask someone what to do. It really isn't as bad as it sounds, but insecure people will probably feel pretty insecure. It's late, time to go, more tomorrow.

On a side note, about those margaritas yesterday. It sure was one and half pounds of strawberries. We like our strawberry margaritas to taste like strawberries. There is also an appropriate amount of tequila and triple sec added so that in the end we end up with two large margarita glasses each. It does put the "happy' in happy hour, but sometimes you just have to live Life.

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  1. Just switched over to your new blog. Very clean and good looking.
    Safe travels to Germany. What a wonderful trip you two will have!