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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

We Ate in a Shoebox Day


Early morning looking out at the harbor in Hobart  brought to mind a hymn I remember as a boy that we sang at Thanksgiving. It had a line that went like: We are thankful for the beauty of the earth.


Another song I really love is “Morning has Broken”, made famous by Cat Stevens.


We really did eat in a shoebox today, as not only was that the name of the café, it was also an apt description of its size. One more chair to the left of Linda on the single long table. I stand against the window which has a narrow counter with five  small stools, that’s it. As the girl at the counter said, “You think this area is small, the kitchen is nearly impossible.”


That gave us a clue as to why this place, many blocks removed from the harbor tourist area was so highly rated. The food, small as the selection was, was simply incredible. Linda had told me she wanted something other than seafood for lunch today. After the meal Linda told me I had done very good indeed. I believe the incredible brownie she had for dessert put the icing on the cake. Outstanding Bob.



Just like in the U.S., except we drive on the wrong side of the road.


It is springtime in Tassie. Down the way a short distance and up the hill from our hotel is one of the oldest areas of Hobart. Many of the old homes and stores have been lovingly restored and we had a pleasant time strolling through Battery Point. Flowers were in profusion, spring flowers that is, as shown by these beautiful rhododendron blooms.


On the waterfront we discovered the judging stand for the finish several of the world’s most famous sailboat races, one of which is the Sydney to Hobart race, considered to be one of the most difficult in the world. Across the water we could four dozen sailboats (we counted them), forming up in groups of twelve which would then race down river toward the ocean. What a wonderful way to unwind after a day at work.


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