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Monday, May 8, 2017

Texas to Peru–Sunday May 7, 2017



Today we left for Lima, Peru to start our Machu Picchu, Amazon and Galapagos adventure. Here we are all packed and ready to go. Can’t you just tell how excited Linda is about traveling all day and not arriving at our hotel until after midnight. Blind Bob.



This just to prove we really are going. Our route takes us from McAllen to Houston to Lima and once we get to Houston the Aircraft get decidedly bigger. We are happy travelers, that fist photo of “Miss Hurry up and Take the Photo” not withstanding. An aisle seat on every flight for Linda and an a window seat for me. It doesn’t get better than that.


One of the great things about travel is you get to see lots of pretty women, speaking from a man’s point of view that is. Look at this awesome girl I saw on an escalator at the Houston airport. It’s what makes travel so enjoyable. Lucky Bob.



Selfie of the day.


It is called the hunt. We have packed far more than normal for this trip and she who packs the kitchen sink seems to forgotten where that very necessary item is. I can’t repeat what she was saying as she searched her daypack, but that is only because i was too far away to make out what words made up her mutterings.

I’ll end this day here as there was a surfeit of photos when I downloaded what I had taken. Note to Bob: Photos are important, don’t be afraid to take too many and discard some. Till tomorrow when we tour Lima. Tired but Happy Bob and Linda.

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