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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Putting Adventure in Overseas Adventure Travel November 2, 2016

This morning we visited Osorno volcano with plans to take an hour long hike up to the craters, it has multiple ones, for a fantastic view from there. When we arrived at our starting point the weather was turning bad. Linda had planned to be one of the 8 people in our group to hike to at least the first lookout area. Ten feet into the climb, with the wild howling and rain and sleet starting to fall, she turned back.

As we continued up, two more dropped out, leaving five of us and two guides to make the climb. By now the wind was blowing between 50 and 60 with gusts much higher. At times we were blown sideways a step or so, but being prime post office candidates, we continued on.

It was time for celebration when we reached the top, making the effort worth it. By now the rain was stinging our faces and the wind seemed to be even increasing, so our guides made the wise decision to turn back rather than hike across the top. Besides there was no view with the clouds obscuring everything below. It was one of those things you are glad you did but there were times during the doing that you wondered what you'd got yourself into. Elated Bob.

Back in the lodge, there were some people who were all steamed up over the climb.

Packed in a boat crossing a river to have lunch. Those words don't begin to do justice to all we did. It was one of those you had to experience it to know things. Our guide did say that the weather on the volcano was the worst she'd ever experienced in all the years she'd had been on it.

Outside at the back of the boat, Annie, our guide, and I were resting after defeating mother nature on the flank of the volcano.

Lunch was fresh trout caught in the waters we had just just crossed.

This was a small family operation, run by a husband, wife and two daughters. We asked how many OAT groups came here. Now it was several a week, but in January and February, the middle of summer, it was one every day. They had been a tiny fishing guide service that was visited by an OAT guide some years ago while he was on vacation. He proposed that OAT tours begin stopping here, the couple expanded their facilities and the result is a better Life for them and a wonderful experience for OAT tour groups. I believe that is what is called a win-win all around. Have to love the hot water heater that uses waste heat from the stove.

Next came a hike in a rain forest. It rains an average of 220 days a year with over 200 inches per year. We were told that in the winter it can rain steadily day and night for up to five weeks at a time. We asked how people can live under those conditions and were told they are used to it. I guess if people can live in Minnesota year around, they can live anywhere. Bad Bob.

Linda took it. Bob posted it. Good Bob.

Beauty comes in all forms. We are in a national park. It is easy to see why.

Patigonia is turning out to be everything we hoped it was and more. One thing we learned today, if you have the right clothes, you can enjoy any kind of weather.

After a full day of adventure, there is nothing like a Pisco Sour to end it on a perfect note. Life is awesome.

I know I've posted before about poor internet, but from what we are hearing it looks like we are about to enter the internet twilight zone, so if no posts for a while, you'll know why.

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